There is a Poster Girl in all of us, but only a few know yet.




the two poster girls met whilE studying Womenswear design at renowned Central Saint Martin’s in their hometown of London.

With unrivaled drive and prowess, they moved in sync across fashion capitals to build experience spanning houses including Christian Dior, Bulgari, Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott, John Galliano and Alexander Wang, among others.

Adding extensive backgrounds in tailoring and leather craftsmanship into the mix, the two naturally combined forces to form a label that manifests exceptional quality with dynamic design.

The duo always remain grounded together by rebellion and humour. They are however, very serious about the quality of each design, the ethics of its manufacturing and the energy you feel when wearing Poster Girl.


Like the Poster Girl’s that have been before us, breaking the rules and standing out is second nature. Madonna said, ‘I refuse to act the way someone expects me to’ - and so do we.






We make it easy for you to stand out.


The fashion calendar in recent seasons has been transformed by new ideas and new change. With designers offering ‘see now, buy now’ at shows, there is a stir in the old structure. Naturally non-conforming, we want to bring in a framework as fresh as our designs.


We have introduced a sequence of unique, updated collections throughout one season. These ‘series’ aim to deliver limited and exclusive styles, making the most sought after looks available to you immediately. it is at the heart of our DNA to bring a signature fabric and technique each season; our first being micro-metal mesh.


When you wear POSTER GIRL, it’s not just a new dress - it’s a new attitude. Our pieces are recognisably striking and will no doubt become a favourite in your wardrobe for years to come.